Crypto currency magazine: the best online guide

World is changing thanks to new technologies. You are in a new crypto age. We have build this crypto currency magazine to help you to understand this world. We will cover the first coin and the projects that have been born over time

The first currency

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created but in the last years many other altcoins was created. For this reason, we put our experience for to help all those who want to enter the world of crypto currencies. Our magazine wants to illustrate the major crypts of the moment. Understanding the design of each coin helps the user in choosing the project to follow

Purpose of our crypto currency magazine

This crypto currency magazine dedicates to Bitcoin and different aspects of blockchain. We give advice to prepare at the best for the cycles of this market, very different from the traditional markets. We also propose articles on how to keep your crypto currencies safe, because knowledge is the only defense. Clarifying users’ doubts helps to invest in this world. This website will cover the advantages. Many are the scams that are working in this world. The purpose of this crypto currency magazine: to unmask these scams.

The Blockchain system

The blockchain is the system on which most of the altcoins are based. This system is a list of ever-growing blocks. Cryptography is the principle on which the security of the system. Basically it is an open register that records the transactions. Blockchain technology can to transform corporate business models in the long run. Banks are also interested in this new technology, thanks to the fact that they speed up the back office settlement systems. Banks like UBS have opened research centers dedicated to blockchain. Follow ours crypto currency magazine and… welcome in the crypto age.